This is me . . .

Artist, Thinker, Programmer.

A Software Engineer, and much more!

Hi! My name is Amal, and I write software for a living.

I am interested in projects that involve creativity and innovation, projects that would give one the cheers when they imagine or conceive them. Just like those in here !

The few coming pages of my website will walk you through some of my work, and help you contact me if, or when, needed.


6 years of learning

and it's for life . . .

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2013 - 2019

MSc in Software Engineering

Higher Private School of Engineering and Technology - ESPRIT

Masters degree in Software Engineering | Speciality: Mobile Software Engineering.

BSc in Computer Science Fundamentals

Higher Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics - ISIMM

Bachelor's degree in CS fundamentals | Intensive focus on algorithmics and maths.


2016 - 2020

Mobile Software Engineer - IoT

Electrolux ( March 2019 - September 2020 )

Worked on IoT applications for diverse Electrolux appliances.

C# / WPF Developer Intern

Microsoft ( Jan 2016 - Jun 2016 )

Designed and developed a WPF Kinect application for home workouts.

Honors and Awards


Microsoft student partner of the year

Best MSP in community for the year 2015

National Collegiate Programming Contest

Second place at Tunisian Collegiate Programming Contest 2017

What I've built so far

I build what I conceive. So I am, thriving !

Hire me ?

I help you build, improve, or extend applications.
You help me make the world better.
And we will rock . . !

One kind of a deal isn't it ?

Contact me through the following, I am open-minded enough to talk about absolutely anything !

Stuttgart, Germany
+49 015153550641

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